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Dance performance YOUTH

Based on music by J. S. Bach 


Director-choreographer and librettist – Anželika Cholina

Set designer – Marijus Jacovskis

Costume designer – Olga Filatova Kontrimienė

Lighting – Eugenijus Sabaliauskas 

Ballet tutor – Živilė Baikštytė

Hair and make-up artist - Dalia Žakytė


Premiere: July 17, 2023

Duration: 100 min.


Beata Molytė

Olga Konošenko

Paulina Čistovaitė

Indrė Mickus

Stefanija Nosovaitė

Aurimas Tiškevičius

Jokūbas Nosovas

Rokas Spalinskas

Pijus Mickus

Jonas Laucius 


Adelė Martūnaitė

Andrėja Semionova

Arnoldas Mordas

Austėja Kabašinskaitė

Benas Jankavičius

Emilija Pakėnaitė

Marija Dorofejeva

Miglė Borodičaitė

Miglė Buivydaitė

Mikalojus Matrosovas

Silvija Panovaitė

Ūla Drobnytė 

The dance performance Youth, or the ways parents and children live, is the unique première of the 23rd season at the A|CH Theatre, in which three genres of dance are combined for the first time: Classical ballet, contemporary-modern, and street dance. 

In addition, well-known and experienced masters of stage art, ballet soloists, actors and dancers, and 13 to 16-year-old children, the most talented students from ballet, dancing and acting schools, are taking on roles together on one stage for the first time in the history of the A|CH Theatre.

The plot of the play Youth combines episodes from the lives of six families, and brings two worlds into collision, the world of children and the world of adults. It is a contrasting psychological tragi-comedy, in which modern dramas in family life are expressed through the language of dance, set to the powerful music of J. S. Bach.

As part of the creative process, the director has delved deep into the origins of basic family conflicts, referring to the insights of psychologists.

@ Dmitrijus Matvejevas

Speaking about the new dance performance Youth, Anželika Cholina points out: “I have always been interested in getting close to the truth about life and exploring various aspects of relationships between people. The relationship between parents and children is the most complex form of communication between people. Families are basically started at quite a young age, so that most people become parents while they are still children…

This is a kind of art therapy session that lets us look into family life. In this work, I want to encourage adults to see children as equal personalities, and to appeciate their individuality. I hope the models of family behaviour shown in the play will make people think and inspire them to change...”


July 26 – Kaunas

July 27 – Birštonas 

July 30 - Palanga

September 25 - Vilnius