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History and identity

A|CH theatre was established in 2000 by director and choreographer Anželika Cholina and Greta Cholina, the current managing director of the theatre.

A|CH performances stand out with their subtle aesthetics as well as choreographic and dramatic ideas and feature intertwining elements of classical ballet, modern dance and acting. Drama actors  and other stage performers take part in performances together with professional dancers.

Creative courage, recognisable aestheticism, perfectly selected music, costumes and impeccable set design are all mesmerising when come together into one piece of art, under Anželika Cholina’s creative direction, with her signature touch. 

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Facts and figures

Today A|CH theatre is one of the most prominent, professional and successful independent dance theatres in Lithuania. Sensual performances based on synthesis of ballet, various dance genres and convincing acting have gained viewers’ love and are widely recognised by theatre professionals.

Since its foundation, A|CH theatre has produced 20 full-length dance performances which have been shown more than 650 times, to more than 400 thousand viewers. One of the fundamental priorities of the theatre is extensive touring all across Lithuania, with its performances being accessible to viewers in all regions, not only in major cities and the capital. Massive interest and sold-out shows have also established dance performance, then still quite rare in Lithuania, among public’s most favourite genres. 

A|CH theatre tours successfully both in Lithuania and abroad. Throughout years, its performances have been shown in United Kingdom, Denmark, China, Latvia, Poland, Luxembourg, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Hungary, Italy, etc. 

The company

Each topic or play chosen by the artistic director requires a specific cast of artists. That is why A|CH theatre does not have a regular dancer company. While directing, Anželika Cholina seeks that every artist fits precisely into her vision and character s/he embodies on stage, so very special attention is being paid to casting. Historically, A|CH performances feature creative collaborations with dancers from Lithuanian and foreign theatres and companies and are not limited to one dancer profile – ballet soloists, contemporary dance artists, drama actors, singers and representatives of other performing arts all dance in performances skilfully directed by Anželika Cholina. 

During more than 24 years since its launch, A|CH theatre has established a strong cast of soloists that fits well together and is highly appreciated by the viewers. 

In 2023, A|CH’s Mastership class was introduced and followed by the Juniors’ class in 2024, both launched in collaboration with Lithuania International Ballet Academy (LTBA), as an educational platform for junior dancers. Dancing and acting skills they develop here are put to practice on professional stage where young artists dance along with experienced and acclaimed soloists in real-time A|CH theatre performances. 

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