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21 / 03 / 2022

A message to Lithuanians who have taken refuge in Ukrainian families fleeing the war!

April 25 At 19:00 in Girstutis, Kaunas, we will show the latest A | CH theater dance performance “The Queen of Spades” and we will dedicate part of the tickets to your foster families.

Let this information, with the help of all of you, reach those who are relevant, useful, and at least slightly enlighten and rejuvenate the exhausted hearts and minds of the events of recent days.

© Karina Meck

For free invitations sign up by e-mail: teatras@ach.lt.



#strongtogether #supportforukrainians

22 / 05 / 2019

Triumph at Bolshoi theatre in Moscow

© Michail Logvinov

Anželika Cholina was invaited to present four pieces from her performances at Ballet festival and international ballet award Gala concert “Benois de la danse”. 

“Liza's monologue” from up comming A|CH theatre premiere "Queen of Spades".  German - Nojus Bartaška, Liza - Ana Buchovskaja, Count Jelecky - Rokas Spalinskas (world premiere)
Finnal scene from Vakhtangov theatre dance performance "Anna Karenina", Anna - Anastasija Kuimova, Count Vronsky - Dmitrij Solomykin and theatre's actors troupe 
“Jago monologue“, excerpt from Vakhtangov theatre dance performance "Othello", Jago - Viktor Dobronravov, Desdemona - Anastasija Kuimova and theatre's actors troupe 
“Nastasija Filipovna and Parfion Rogozhin duet” with Olga Smirnova ir Valerij Suanov(world premiere)

© Michail Logvinov

“Nastasija Filipovna and Parfion Rogozhin duet” from performance "The Idiot", theatre critics was named as the most prominent Gala-concert piece, in the first place with a great breakthrough from others presented. 



13 / 11 / 2018

"The Idiot" was presented at prestigious Vakhtangov theatre

Choreographer Anželika Cholina presened her dance performance "The Idiot" to the Russian audience, to the spectators that can read Dostoyevsky by heart.  It was a big challange and a test that was held in a perfect way - with enormous applause and bravo!

18 / 12 / 2015

A. Cholina received ‘Carry your Light and Believe’

‘Carry your Light and Believe’

On December 18, 2015 minister of culture Šarūnas Birutis, after musical "Legend of Zygimantas Augustas and Barbora Radvilaite", in front of 10 000 spectators awarded Anželika Cholina with the main state prize to the cultural work in Lithuania ‘Carry your Light and Believe’.

8 / 12 / 2014

A. Cholina received “Star of the Theater-goer” prize in Moscow

"Star of the Theater-goer" is the only Russian award in the field of theatrical art, which has the status of an independent Audience Choice Award. This year theatergoers from 85 countries all around the world participated in the voting of the 7th annual award season.

On December 1st Anželika Cholina was honored at the gala evening in Moscow and awarded for her “Othello” in the Best Musical Performance category. The set designer for the performance is Marijus Jacovskis, costume designer is Maria Danilova, light designer is Tadas Valeika.

The award ceremony was streamed live online. The choreographer appeared on stage accompanied by stars of the performance - Gregoriy Antipenko (Othello) and Victor Dobronravov (Iago).


Gregoriy Antipenko 

“I want to thank Anželika for her patience, because nothing would have happened without her patience, belief and her ingenious directorial ideas and decisions.  In am grateful to Rimas Tuminas for an opportunity to perform on this honorable Vakhtangov stage. Thank you, spectators, for the prize!”

17 / 02 / 2014

Cholina’s performance announced Year’s Best in Cuba!

Anželika Cholina’s dance performance “Anna Karenina”, created at Vakhtangov Theatre with Russian drama actors, was awarded prestigious Cuban theatre prize “Villanueva 2013”. The prize is established by National Cuba Writers and Creators Union (UNEAC)

In October 2013 “Anna Karenina” opened International Havana Theater Festival (Cuba) that showcased more than 40 performances from foreign countries. “Anna Karenina” was

“Ana Karenina” ran three times in the the hall with capacity of 2,5 thousand people and each time it was a complete sell-out.

On January 31st 2014 “Anna Karenina” was announced to be the best foreign performance and awarded at the gala ceremony "Villanueva 2013". The head of theater criticism and discovery department N. Espinoza, who was delivering congratulatory speech, reminded everyone about the play’s premiere in Cuba and noted that “The dance performance which is an adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s classical novel impressed our audience. We acknowledge this show’s undisputed directorial value, high professionalism, impressive artistry of the actors, creative and technical complexity of this work. This story told by dance and movement is a definite artistic masterpiece”.

Russian attache in Cuba for press and culture S. Oboznov recollected that no other prize winner  received such applause as “Anna Karenina” did. “The award ceremony was broadcasted by Cuban national TV, there were a lot of diplomats present as well as those working in Cuban culture and art scenes, renown performers, famous artists. I am very proud of Vakhtangov Theatre success”.  

11 / 11 / 2013

Anželika Cholina’s “Othello” premiers at Vakhtangov Theatre (Moscow)

Vakhtangov Theatre and Anželika Cholina are enjoying successful cooperation: after “the Coast of Women” and “Anna Karenina” choreographer presented her thirst work for this theatre - dance performance based on Shakespeare’s “Othello”.

Russian dramatic actors appear in this performance and the role of Desdemona went to Olga Lerman who has already worked with Cholina on numerous shows. Costume designer Maria Danilova separates Desdemona from other darkly clothed actors placing her in snow white dress symbolizing her innocence. Her movements are light and graceful. The actress says that  Desdemona was the one that taught her to be open and sincere.

There’s no defined space nor time in Cholina’s performance. The directors is telling a story that is relevant in any times - the story of love, jealousy and distrust. Fervent Othello transforms from the sensitive young man to the green-eyed brute; Iago is always by his side, always filled with dark thought and always plotting; Desdemona is the only one that stays harmonious, young and beautiful.   

Marijus Jacovskis created a minimialistic set design. The only construction there becomes a ship, an anchor or a simple lamp. It’s abstract and symbolic. Black dress is a presentiment of an impending disaster.

“I wanted to show how jealousy destroys a person. If you asked people about emotions they feel, they would almost certainly mention this destructive feeling,” says Cholina.

Articles about the performance (in Russian) at: vmdaily.ru, vakhtangov.ru, and 1tv.ru.

5 / 10 / 2012

Star of Cholina’s performances Olga Lerman (Moscow) received Crystal Turandot prize

Vakhtangv Theatre actress Olga Lerman was awarded First Theatre Prize “Chrystal Turandot” for her role of Anna Karenina in Anželika Cholina’s performance. We will have an opportunity to see this young and talented actress in Vilnius when Cholina’as “Carmen” will premiere Ūkio Bank Theatre Arena on October 24th. Lerman will take the lead role and other roles will be played bu Russian actors only from various theatres of Moscow - Vakhtangov, Nation, MCHAT and others. That will be their only show in Lithuania.  


12 / 09 / 2012

“Anna Karenina” nominated for The Star of Theater-goer Prize

The Star of the Theater-goer awards will take place for the fifth time. This prize is special, because nominations are proposed and the winners elected by spectators and not the professionals. Vakhtangovo Theatre performances are nominated in 6 categories. Two of the are - “Best Supporting Actor” - Evgeniy Kniazev (Karenin, “Anna Karenina”) and “Best Musical Performance” - “Anna Karenina”.

The winners will be announced after the votes will be counted. The voting takes place on “Theater-goer” magazine website until the end of November. 


31 / 08 / 2012

After the premiere in Vilnius, Moscow is waiting for “Carmen”

Anzelika’s Cholina’s dance performance “Carmen”, remade for the third time, was presented for spectators in Vilnius on October 24th. The story of love and passion was danced by Russian drama actors with the new sense and feeling.

“I think, that finally I told the story as it suppose to be,” – saying choreographer.

It was the sole show in Vilnius – the premiere of this performance will be presented for Moscow spectators on November 12th and 26th at A. Pushkin drama theate and will keep going on only in Russia.

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