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Dance performance by the tragedy of W. Shakespeare by the music of J. Adams and other contemporary composers

Choreopher – Anželika Cholina.

Set designer – Marijus Jacovskis.

Costume designer – Vida Simanavičiūtė and Aleksandras Pogrebnojus.

Light designer - Tadas Valeika.

Choreographer assistants - Živilė Baikštytė, Anastasija Korolkova.



Othello – Valerij Suanov

Desdemona – Karina Krysko-Skambinė

Jago – Martynas Kavaliauskas

Casijo – Tomas Legenzovas, Donatas Bakėjus


Duration – 2:20 with intermition

Premiere – September 6th, 2016

One of the prime works of Anželika Cholina - dance performance "Othello" - is comming back to the stages of Lithuania.  Performance was created in 2006 andawarded with the Lithuanian highest theatre award "THe Golden stage cross", yet it was shown only 10 times. In 2013 this performace was staged in Moscow's State Academic J. akhtangov Theatre and erned the "Star of theatre-goer".

After 10 years one othe best Anželika Cholina's performances will be reborn.  The choreographer's opinion, in order to tell a dramatic story of Othello it needs strong, talented and mature personalities, that search continued for several years.  Finally we managed to assemble a strong troupe, so the play revival finally become real.

William Shakespeare's "Othello" is a hard dance manageable material. In the world this tragedy in dance was created just a few times. Nevertheless, Anželika Cholina for the second time in Lithuanian audience gifts this exciting dance drama.


“I want to talk about love, relationships and peoples’ fates on stage therefore I chose Shakespeare’s “Othello” - the tale of striking and gruesome tragedy of a man that killed his most treasured soul and so lost any purpose of life.

I want to awaken the feeling of terror when facing the ghastly mistake, the crime of the honorable, gullible and kind person blinded by jealousy. I want to showcase the person of a pure soul tangled in defamation snare - a person that kills his innocent and loving wife in attempts to fight for spiritual purity and this way punishes himself for succumbing to madness.”


October 27 - Kaunas;

November 22 - Panevėžys.